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The vinyl record has most definitely made a comeback!

For some of us, it never really left. Younger generations are discovering the fun that records can bring on a limited budget, along with a new appreciation for cover art.

The sound quality of vinyl can be truly amazing through today's newer equipment. Many people still prefer analog sound to digital. Turntable manufacturers have managed to remain in business, and some audio equipment manufacturers are bringing turntables back into their lines!

We stock new and used records, and we can special order many new, quality re-issues that are being pressed today.

The selection of available vinyl has actually increased in the last several years!

We also sell, set up and repair quality Turntables from Thorens, Project, Avid, Music Hall, ClearAudio and Marantz.

If you need a Cartridge or a Phono stage pre-amp, we can help with these as well.

We even have and sell Vacuum Record Cleaners to really clean your records properly!

So... if you're still spinning black discs, or think you might want to; come in, call, or e-mail us. We'll have lots to talk about!



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